About Alicia

 Alicia Brown Headshot - Final

Have you ever had moments when mothering felt like all work and very little joy?  Alicia knows exactly how that feels.

Alicia traded in her Nine West Corporate heels for a pair of Pumas (still stylish!) in 2006 to become a stay at home mother.  While enthusiastic about the opportunity, the “dailyness” of being a stay at home mom came quickly.  Some days felt like all work and no reward since job promotions and rubbing elbows with executives didn’t come with this new job.   Once Alicia learned to “embrace” each season of motherhood, she found freedom to enjoy this time NOT just endure it!  She discovered the joy of God using her, imperfections and all, to tell the story of how He can take an ordinary mom and make an impact on the world.  As a result of her own experience,  Alicia’s passion is to help other moms find that same freedom.

Alicia is a military spouse, homeschooling mom, educator and speaker who has a passion to encourage women as they journey through each season of motherhood. She has been married to her husband for nearly thirteen years and has four children. As a sought after speaker and educator, Alicia is very active in her community.  She has served as a worship leader at Kettering Church, is a Foundations and Essentials Tutor Trainer with Classical Conversation, spoken or led worship for numerous groups including MOPS and Dayton Right to Life.

Her mission is to take care of her first ministry, her family, and then pour into the lives of others.  She has a passion for educating youth and equipping moms in all seasons.



3 responses to “About Alicia

  1. Hello Alicia, I pray that all is well with you and your family. I would like to know how do you teach young kids about Jesus and keep them in to it ?

  2. Hi Alicia! I have really enjoyed reading through your blog posts and learning more about you and your family! Thanks so much for sharing:)

  3. Oh. LORD we thank you for the testimonies of those who trust you to guide them into all truth. A refreshing view of what motherhood is about.

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