Coloring Outside the Lines

coloring outside the lines

Have you ever met someone who seemed to live life outside of the box?  They confidently move to the beat of their own drum.  They choose serving over comfort.  If you have, then you know the incredible impact people like that can make on those who are just living life in a “business as usual” way.  I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with a mother whose family “colors outside the lines” with their life.

I met this family when I first moved into the neighborhood five years ago.  I noticed the mother had four young children, just like me.  She was always doing something to help raise money or collect resources for those in need globally.  I’ve watched her family open their home to three children who traveled to America for surgery that was not available in their own country.   This required them to drive the child to many appointments and nurse them back to health after extremely invasive medical procedures.   As a family, I’ve seen them look for ways to meet the tangible needs of people in the local community and share God’s love with them.   The way I’ve seen them serve and trust God as a family makes me look at them and say, “I want to live like that.”

What I love about this mother and people that color outside of the lines with their life is that they erase my excuses.  They help me remember that God uses ordinary people just like me to do extraordinary things if we allow him.

  • Just like me, her house was full, but she made space to welcome sick people into her home.
  • Just like me, she had days where she was tired, but she served anyway and trusted God for her strength.
  • Just like me, her human nature was to choose comfort, but instead she chose obedience to God’s calling.
  • Just like me, there are times when she’s afraid, but she still moves forward

Watching her has made me ask the hard questions…..Am I being fully obedient to where God has called me to serve?  What would I do and how would I serve if I didn’t let fear and other obstacles rule my thoughts?

Today I recommit myself to trusting God no matter what.  My greatest desire is to bring God glory in my home and everywhere he grants me the opportunity to have influence.  I have to admit that fear has been in control for too long and it’s time for me to just “do it” afraid.  I will put one foot in front of the other and ask Him to give me strength for each step.

Dear God, help me to color outside of the lines with my life and be radically obedient so you can do extraordinary things through ordinary me.



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