Teachable Moments That Bite You in the Butt

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I have totally been off of my journaling game lately. Overcommitted, lack of organization, and just plain lazy are to blame. I have missed jotting down my thoughts and experiences with my kids and husband. It’s been much longer than I care to admit, but dates on my last post make it impossible to hide. 🙂

I look forward to getting back on the horse. The thought of not documenting the funny moments is my kick in the tush to get started again. I’ve missed sharing many humorous moments since I’ve last blogged, but I’ll start with sharing a current picture of my family and the most recent moment that tickled me.

When my kids complain about a decision they make, I often tell them they must take ownership for their choice and its consequences. I didn’t think much of that advice until last Sunday. It seemed like every child was calling my name the entire day for random things they wanted. Exhausted, I retreated to take an afternoon nap which was constantly interrupted with, “MOM, I’m hungry….MOM, she won’t share….MOM, when are you going to wake up, etc.” Frustrated with the disruptions, I got up and yelled, “Can you all just let me sleep for 30 minutes. I feel like every second of this day has been filled with someone calling my name.”

At that moment, my astute 8-year-old said, “Mom, that’s what happens when you have four kids. It was your choice, right?”

Gotta love when those teachable moments come back to bite you in the butt. 🙂 LOL


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