“I Made Up a New Word Mommy”

Today had to be one of the most comical homeschooling days EVER!  First, my kids sent me upstairs to practice “the show” they were going to perform for me.  When they finished rehearsal, they called me back downstairs to watch.  However, my six-year-old announced that the show would cost me $1.00.  What was even funnier is that because I didn’t have a dollar, they didn’t perform.  Seriously?  That was my first belly laugh of the day.

My second belly laugh moment came during reading/writing time.  My kindergartener decided he would go around the house finding words to write.  He started with “Dallas Cowboys.”  The next word was “Nerf” from the football nearby.  After he wrote a few more words he decided he would make up his own word and write it on his dry erase board.  He is just learning how to sound out all his letters and then slide the sounds together to pronounce words.  When he does this on his own, he gets REALLY excited.  (This info will help you appreciate the rest of the story.)

He hurried over to his desk and started writing.  I overheard him trying to sound out three letters he had written to make his new word, but was distracted by some work I was doing for church. (Another point that will help you appreciate this story even more)  All of a sudden he yelled out what sounded like F$CK!  I immediately said, “Honey!  What did you just say?!?”  He again said out loud several times, F$CK, F$CK, F$CK with a smile on his face and continued to repeat it.

I tried to maintain my cool and make sure he wasn’t cussing on purpose as I walked over to his paper.  He had written F-O-C but was pronouncing the “O” like a “U.”  He was so proud of himself for making up a word and sounding it out on his own that I was overcome by laughter because he genuinely didn’t realize what he was saying.  That was the wrong response because when I tried to explain that he couldn’t say that word he said, “But mommy, I want to make people laugh like you’re laughing right now.”

We eventually talked about the correct pronunciation for the word he wrote and discussed in a serious manner why the word he was actually saying was not good.  However, I had a hard time getting into serious mode because that caught me completely off guard.   Oh, the joys of parenting & homeschooling!  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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