What’s New in my World

It is 2:41AM and I am wide awake while the rest of the house is sleeping.  I have so many thoughts going through my mind about what I need to get done, so I decided I’d blog instead.  It’s been so long since I’ve written anything on my blog.  It’s amazing how much time can slip away when I allow life to become overwhelming.  Since I last wrote an entry, the following things have occurred in my life…

1.  I was hired as the Worship Leader at my church (Totally awesome & such a God thing!  The best part is I get to work with my husband who is one of the musicians on the team.  That in itself is amazing because music was something that the devil tried to use to divide us in the beginning of our marriage.  God is using us for his Glory!  I love how he works!)

2.  I started my Masters Degree program and stopped after taking my first class.  (It was great to be back in school, but it was so stressful that my hair fell out.  I figured it’s not the season to pursue that right now.)

3.  I started taking classes online through Berkelee School of Music and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  (To be honest, I felt God guiding me to take music classes at the beginning of the year, but”I” thought it made more sense to complete my Masters degree because I would be more marketable in Corporate if I ever returned.  I am learning to trust him completely and to be obedient.  At least this one only cost me my hair, but I’m back on track now.)

4.  I officially started homeschooling my 5,4,3, & 1-year-old.  I joined two co-ops which helps me to keep them active with their peers and keeps me organized and consistent…..sometimes. (smile)  This has been a HUGE learning experience.  It is definitely growing my ability to be consistent and teaching me to be patient.  I still have a way to go in both areas, but overall, the experience has been great.  It is so cool to be a part of the learning process and see how the kids are growing and acquiring knowledge everyday.

5.  I am teaching pre-school – 1st grade music at one of the co-ops we attend.  That has been an exciting challenge.  I love teaching music and enjoy children, but coming up with a curriculum has been interesting.  I’ve never done that before, so that has been a learning experience for me.  I have the most amazing children in my class.  I can be having a stressful morning, but as soon as I see the kids in the class and how vibrant and excited they are to learn, it melts all of the stress away.

6.  I am serving as Co-coordinator of my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group.  It has kept me as busy as a bee, but I know I am investing in the lives of women who will impact their families and communities in amazing ways. 

7.  I am still trying my best to maintain balance at my house.  With all that is going on externally, there have still been date nights with my husband, family nights, dates with the kids, football for my oldest son, decisions on what else to involve our children in (or not), birthday party planning, family trip to Virginia, doctor’s appointments, and the daily things that need to be done around the house. 

As you can see, I have been super busy which would explain why my hair is shorter these days.  I must admit that I have been in a cycle of being so busy that more important things suffered (my blog, journaling, my exercise routine).  However, I have been trying my best to simplify my life and purge the things that are good things, but not God things.  My hair issue was a wake up call!

It feels good to blog again.  Please keep me in your prayers.  I specifically would love for you to join me as I pray to stay in the sweet spot, which is what I call it when I am exactly where God desires for me to be.  I still have some purging to do!


2 responses to “What’s New in my World

  1. Wow, Leesh!! So awesome how God is working in your life!! I love all that you’re involved in…so wonderful how God is working balance between children, marriage, ministry, & work. Keep up the great work!!

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