One Season Complete

As I type this post, my emotions hover between sadness and celebration.  Today is my youngest child’s birthday.  My precious little girl turned one.  It’s amazing how quickly that time passes. 

As we sang Happy Birthday and she blew out the candle (well, actually daddy did that for her), the realization that I am no longer in the newborn infant stage hit me.  While I don’t miss the severe sleep deprivation and physical adjustments of having a newborn, I miss that moment when you put your eyes on your baby for the first time.  I miss breastfeeding, which is also the last time I’ll ever have big boobs.  I miss newborn diapers, the ugly hospital caps (where do they get those things anyway), and all the “first” experiences.

Today was a reminder that time doesn’t wait for me to embrace and appreciate the journey.  It just moves on whether I choose to enjoy it or not.  No  matter what, I’m going to try my best to savor every moment of my children’s lives.

Happy Birthday Faith.  Mommy loves you!


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