My Most Embarrassing Motherhood Moment

The Look

My most embarrassing motherhood experience happened this week, which ironically was the week I posted this journal as a topic in my MOMORIES group.  I have my 3-year-old daughter Kayla to thank for this one. 
We went to see a performance by the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra.  It was an amazing performance.  All of my children seemed to enjoyed themselves.  As most of the audience was exiting the building following the performance, I saw that the conductor speaking with some of the audience members.  I thought, “What a great opportunity for the children to meet him  & shake his hand.” 
I made my way to the front and introduced him to all of my little ones.  He was so kind.  He stooped down to their level and said “Hi kids!  I am so glad you came to see the orchestra perform.”  Then he turned to my 3-year-old daughter and asked, “Did you enjoy the performance?”  She paused, put her hand on her hip, looked at his eyes, then down at his feet, back up to his eyes, turned her lips to one side and shook her head “NO.”  The expression on her face was priceless, as if to say “I really wasn’t that impressed.”  I was speechless.  Thankfully, he giggled.  I am sure that answer caught him by surprise.  I wanted to sprint to the car and speed away like I was in the Indy 500.  I hope he doesn’t remember what I look like! 
By the way, this picture she took for Christmas last year reminds me of the facial expression she made that day of the performance.  If I must be honest, I can’t say she got that attitude from her father.  
Alicia is a mother of 4, songwriter, vocalist and speaker.  She owns and operates the mothering website  She is also the facilitator for MOMORIES: 52 Weeks of Leaving the Legacy of Your Story starting in February 2010.

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