I Just Want to Think!

When I was a little girl my favorite gifts were dolls and anything musical.  When I became a teenager I loved getting money and anything musical.  In my early twenties gifts of money and anything musical still topped my list.  However, now in my 30s with a husband and 4 children, the best gift you can give me can’t be found in any store.  Plus, if it could be purchased, it would be out of stock because I would buy all the inventory.  That priceless gift is SILENCE! 

I used to hate silence, pauses in conversation, or when no one was around.  Now I would love to have more time to just THINK.  To allow a thought to initiate and have the opportunity to pursue it, explore it, research it, write about it, and shape it into something tangible.  Can I just THINK without interruption?  That’s all this mom of 4 wants.  I’m a creative person, so not having the ability to operate that way is torture. 

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my family, but I do fantasize about running off to Silence Island where there is no one but me & my thoughts.

I think it’s time for a “mommy-cation!”  Anyone know where Silence Island is?


6 responses to “I Just Want to Think!

  1. Alicia,

    I think it’s in the bathroom! It doesn’t offer all the fluff and scenery, but turn the lights off and be very quiet when you hear, “Where’s mommy?” 😉

    Awesome post!

    • That is hilarious!! I am definitely trying that one. While it’s not the ocean, there is water in the bathroom. I guess I have to make some sacrifices. (lol)

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