Love is a Decision

After attending bible study last night where the topic was Loving Your Husband, I decided to put into practice some of the things that were discussed.  I picked three things I feel I fail at the most.  Those are:

1.  Dropping everything I am doing when my husband walks through the door & greeting him with a kiss

2.  Making sure I don’t look like I’ve had a rough day with the kids even though that may have been the case.

3.  Smile when I see my husband

OK, those sound simple and maybe it’s only me, but there are days when the last thing I feel like doing is smiling after I’ve been repeating myself all day, climbing the never-ending pile of laundry, cleaning the kitchen floor for the 10th time, etc.   One of the points in bible study was, Love is a Decision.  So when the garage door went up, I did all three things despite how tired I felt.

Over family dinner we went around the table and asked each person to share the highlight of their day.  The children’s highlights included things like playtime, writing a book, and lights on the ceiling (my two year old’s answer that we’re still trying to figure out.)  When it was my husband’s turn, he looked at the kids & looked at me and said, “Coming Home.” 

Dear Lord, thank you for such a wonderful day and for helping me be obedient to what I felt you pressing upon my heart.  God, help me decide to show  love toward my husband daily despite how I may feel.  Let my house be a refuge and a sanctuary for him.  Help me to be the Proverbs 31 woman you created me to be.  He is my gift from you & let me treat him that way everyday.  Amen.


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