Do You Know Someone Who Needs a Meal?

Have you heard of  If not, you definitely need to know about this site.

I remember one of the best gifts I received when I had my first baby was when some military mothers signed up to deliver meals to my family for a week.  I had just returned home from my “what just happened to my body” experience, could barely walk, had a child in the NICU and was in pain that only Perc0cet could handle when my first meal arrived.  It was like the heavens opened up!  Not having to worry about what my family would eat for an entire week took so much pressure off of all that I was going through.

So when I was forwarded this totally cool site today from MOPS, I had to share it on my blog.  The folks at set up a site that helps people or groups organize meal deliveries for those in need.   How fabulous!  If you know any new moms, someone who is ill, a family whose loved one recently deployed or needs meals for any reason, this site is for you.  It makes the delivery of meals easy to coordinate.

The website is easy as pie to use & tells you how you can notify a group of people who may want to participate in providing a meal to the selected family.  How thoughtful & simple.


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