What Every SAHM Should Know About Social Security & Medicare

This is a MUST READ article.  Coming from a career in Human Resources to now being a SAHM, this is a topic that I think is very important for Stay at Home Moms.  I love being a SAHM and contrary to some beliefs, I think it is a valuable and worthwhile investment.  However, staying informed about how the Social Security and Medicare system work is.  This is a well written and very informative article through Mamapedia.

Two points covered in the article I found valuable to mention were:

  • In lieu of recognizing that stay–at–home parenting is work, the government allows a married woman to collect off of her spouse’s work history instead, if receiving 50 percent of his benefit amount calculates to being more than 100 percent of hers.
  • Naysayers argue that because stay-at-home moms don’t earn an income, they don’t contribute to the economy or the Social Security coffers. A counterargument is that stay-at-home mothers do contribute mightily to the economy as consumers and as part of a taxpaying couple. Because there is no “official” benefits-related recognition of the work of stay-at-home mothers, women (as well as an increasing number of men) are essentially having to choose between their children’s immediate needs and their own need for financial security in old age.

To read the entire article, click here.


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