Mothers,What Season Are You In?

What Season are you in?

Wouldn’t you find it odd if a farmer planted his crop in the winter or if someone was looking for a place to ski in the middle of the summer where there was no snow?  Strange right?  Well, as moms, we have to be careful not to become that farmer or that skier. Let me explain what I mean through my personal story. 

I did not always embrace motherhood.  I know you’re thinking, “Not the Seasons of Motherhood Woman.”  There was a time when I was starting a business opportunity I knew would be mentally and physically time consuming.  This opportunity came at a time when my children were very needy.  I was knee deep in potty training, my youngest two were in the “falling out about everything” stage, our family had just been notified that we were being relocated, and I had recently found out that I was pregnant with baby #4.  It shouldn’t have surprised me that I was hitting every professional roadblock imaginable.  Things were not flowing with the business venture. 

I was downright frustrated with everything….my children, my husband, myself, and the opportunity.  In one of my moments of frustration, I decided to call one of my close friends.  As I was explaining my challenges, well, having a pity party, she asked me two questions.  

Questions #1:  Alicia, how are you going to show other moms how to embrace each season of motherhood when you’re not doing it yourself?  OUCH. 

Question #2:  What Season are you in?  Hmmm? 

I was so focused on “making” this business venture work, I didn’t consider what Season of Motherhood/Life God had me in.  God was trying to tell me that he wanted my undivided attention on being a mother.  He wanted me to embrace & enjoy my children.  Honestly, I was working so hard to “make” the business work because I didn’t believe I was valuable enough simply being a mother to my children.  Internally, I still felt that saying “I’m a mom” wasn’t impressive enough.  I had not accepted God’s view that motherhood was one of the most important callings I would ever have in my life.  At the time, all I could see was the work and no paycheck.

Flowing with my season also meant that I would have to admit my weaknesses, trust God for real and let him take the lead.  I won’t even pretend that from that moment on I just trusted him & danced happily into the sunset.  It’s been a process, but releasing control and letting God unfold his plan for me is something I have to do daily. 

So my question to you is…What Season are you in?  Are you flowing with God’s plan or against it?  I want to encourage you that the plans he has for you are to prosper you and to give you hope and a great future.  You can trust him!

Alicia is a mother of 4, songwriter, vocalist and speaker.  She owns and operates the mothering website,  She is also the facilitator for MOMORIES: 52 Weeks of Leaving the Legacy of Your Story starting in January 2010.


One response to “Mothers,What Season Are You In?

  1. Alicia,
    My heart is so overwhelmed with joy! though my children are grown and parenting their own, i am going to join in as a grandmother. This is such a rich blessing to be shared with any season of motherhood.

    I am so very proud of you and pray that the Wisdom of God forever endow your pathway to success in ministering to other women.

    Love you always.
    Ms. Elma

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