My Reflections on Patrick Swayze and His Wife Lisa

Patrick and LisaPatrick and LisaHollywood Walk of FameIn Red Dawn, Ghost, & Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze brought all the characters he played to life.  I know many of us over 30 moms were won over by his portrayal of Johnny Castle, the dance instructor from the wrong side of the tracks.  After watching the movie Ghost as a teenager, I remember thinking that when I got married, I would surely make pottery with my husband like Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze did in that movie.  So far, the closest I’ve gotten to that goal is washing dishes together.  Not nearly as romantic.

Undeniably a heart-throb on screen, what I appreciate most about Swayze is what I learned about his love for his wife  Lisa of 34 years off screen.  Before he passed, they renewed their vows and he acknowledged that her love had made his life much more fulfilling.  In a touching farewell to his wife after receiving his prognosis, his words to her were, “I will always love you and can’t imagine how my life would have been without you.”  According to CBS News, the couple met when she was a 15 year old dance student in his mother’s studio.  Swayze was 19 and smitten forever.  I am sure while she was by his side during the last moments of his life, the times when her husband left the toilet seat up, or clothes on the bedroom floor, or other trivial things that couples fuss about were far from her mind.  As she had to face the reality of the vow, “til death do us part”, through her tears I am sure she reflected on the simple moments that added up to the love they shared for 34 years.  I imagine that while her heart was heavy, it was also grateful to have experienced such a love in her lifetime.

I must admit that reading their love story convicted me today.  I was convicted about how often I dismiss the opportunity to receive my husband with a warm smile and loving kiss when he comes home from work.  I was convicted at how often I allow my days to overwhelm & steal my joy instead of taking every negative thought into captivity.  I thought to myself, if it were my husband’s lips that I would never have the opportunity to kiss again, have I really been his Proverbs 31 wife?  Have I loved him as God required me to, or have I allowed trivial things to keep me from showering my love upon him?

Today I vow to rise above my insecurities, circumstances and anything else that keeps me from being the wife God has called me to be to my husband.  Lord, I ask  for more of you and less of me.  Jesus, I need more of you & less of me.  Please remove anything in me that is not like you and hinders me from being effective in my most important ministry……my marriage.  Help me to love and cherish him.  Help me to be his Proverbs 31 wife.

Alicia is a mother of 4, songwriter, vocalist and speaker.  She owns and operates the mothering website,  She is also the facilitator for MOMORIES: 52 Weeks of Leaving the Legacy of Your Story starting in January 2010.


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