The Production – “Getting Out of the House With Children”

“Everybody downstairs. Get your socks & shoes on.  What? You can’t find any socks?  OK, mommy will get some.  Here you go. What? No you can’t have anything to drink.  Stop crying please.  I don’t want you to have to potty after we get into the car.  Ok, fine.  Here’s a juice box.”  Mommy, he’s hitting me. “Stop hitting your sister.  Are you ok?  Say sorry.  Give her a hug. Why are you playing with your Spiderman toy.  Didn’t I say get your socks & shoes on?  Where is my cell phone?  What did I do with my keys.  Everybody look for mommy’s cell phone!  No not you.  Get your shoes on!  Mommy found the cell phone.  OK.  Everybody go to the front door.  Criss cross applesauce while mommy takes the bags to the car.  Didn’t I say criss cross applesauce?  Don’t come out that door.  Ok forget it.  Come on.  Get in the car. Stop running.  Don’t push your brother.  One at a time.  Buckle your seat belts.  Stop playing with Spiderman & buckle your seat belt.”  Mommy, help me. “OK, Mommy’s coming back to help you.  OK.  Everybody in?  We’re ready to go! Whew, finally”………………………………………………………….Mommy, I have to potty.

Why is getting out of the house with children such a production? (smile)


5 responses to “The Production – “Getting Out of the House With Children”

  1. I am now conviced that God gives all children a script to study while in the womb! It is as if you ripped a page out of my life from years ago. Just as real now as it was then. Too funny!

  2. It was not at all complicated back in the day..Life was simple and good .I Pray for all of today’s Mom”s

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