I Know Victoria’s Secret

Last week I attempted to go shopping for my 5 year wedding anniversary.  After searching through the entire mall and trying on a ton of outfits, I still came up empty handed.  Either the clothes were too small, too big, too tight, too loose, too old fashioned, or way to contemporary for my taste.  I couldn’t find the store that fit the, “I”m a casual yet sassy over 30 year old who wants clothes that don’t make me look like a teenager or my mother” category.   This “post-pregnancy” body was quite the challenge to shop for.   Just when I found myself trying to hold back tears as I walked through the mall, I saw Frederick’s of Hollywood.  I forgot that I wanted to shop for some new lingerie.  I figured my shopping experience couldn’t get any worse, so I decided check out more clothes that probably wouldn’t fit me.

As I looked through the lingerie, I saw pieces that truly were not going to work for my body, BUT THEN, I saw it.  The purple little number that seemed to be made just for my post-pregnancy body.  I was sure my name was written on the tag.  It was designed to lift the areas that needed to be lifted & conceal the areas that needed to be hidden.  My dream piece of lingerie.  It was perfect.  Hanging nearby was another piece of underclothing that lifted my spirits that day.  The girdle that made me stand up straight and look like the size 4 I used to be….ok maybe I looked like a size 6…let a girl dream!

I finally walked out after purchasing 4 pieces of new lingerie and the “miracle” girdle.  My day had made a 360 turn.  That day I also learned what Victoria’s Secret was……………………………Frederick’s of Hollywood is better!


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