It’s 3:54AM and it is completely still in my house right now.  Even my newborn is sleeping.  The only thing that isn’t still is my mind.  For some reason I can’t find the “off” button.  I have so many thoughts running around in my head that I can barely sleep.  I guess I’ll just grab one at a time and write them down until I eventually find a place for each of them.

Strangely enough, right now I have to rebuke the spirit of fear from my mind.  I recently wrote a song that God placed on my heart titled, “I’m a Mother.”  It’s a beautiful song that shares how God views motherhood through his eyes.  I finally posted it on my website this week and listed it on digstation for sale, but I’ve had to wade through this strange level of fear with each step.  I can’t even pinpoint exactly what is scaring me.  I guess the fear of failure.

“Dear Lord, you gave me this song to touch the heart of mothers who hear it.  Lord, I am humbled that you chose me as your vessel to deposit such an incredible song of encouragement for mothers who may not see how valuable they are.  I ask for you to remove this spirit of fear from me and to do the work through this song as you intended.  God, I continuely ask for more of you & less of me.  Any place in my mind or my life that isn’t a reflection of you, please remove it from me.  Lord, I really need you right now to give me peace and to help me see myself through your lenses.  God, I pray for every mother right now.  I pray for their strength.  I also pray for their patience and sanity.  I pray that they see how valuable they are in your eyes.  I pray that they don’t compare themselves to the world’s unrealistic image of a mother who has the perfect figure, perfectly behaved children, perfectly clean house, perfect husband….and feel less than.  I love you God.  I feel the fear leaving right now! Amen.”


One response to “Fear

  1. You are an amazing young lady and I know God has something great for you and your future.

    If God brought this song to you, you know there is nothing but good that will come out of your venture. Keep pressing your way and at some point God is going to pour out so many blessing that will make your cup run over.

    God bless you as in inspire other ladies and mothers.


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