“MOM LAWS” Regarding Underwear

I often hear my husband and his friends referring to “MAN LAWS.”  I haven’t seen the official document, since they are off limits to me because I am a woman.  All I know is they consist of a list of rules a man should always follow.  I started thinking about these “MAN LAWS” and thought it would definitely be appropriate to begin a document for mothers called “MOM LAWS.” 

MOM LAWS” are in place with the sole purpose to ensure MOMS across the world don’t neglect themselves.  It’s so easy for us as MOMS to take care of everyone else’s needs and completely neglect our own.  Thus, “MOM LAWS” will help us to make sure we are properly caring for ourselves so we aren’t serving on an empty tank.

I’m going to get things started with the “MOM LAWS” I included in The Underwear Drawer Blog.  Feel free to add to the list.


  • For every BLOOMER there must be 5 pair of cute underwear
  • Only 20% of your underwear are allowed to be white, tan or black. (Get some colorful, fun underwear for a change.)
  • There must be at least 3 pair of underwear that have a saying on them (No, the tag doesn’t count.)
  • 80% of your bras must have a matching pair of panties (No mixing & matching.  Buy sets!!)
  • Underwear must be a separate line item in the monthly budget….next to getting your hair & nails done (If you don’t currently get your hair & nails done at least monthly…..START….you deserve it!)

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